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About Me

I have enjoyed cleaning and organizing for as long as I can remember. As a child my older (sneaky) sister would tell me that if I cleaned her room, I would get to keep all the money that I found. I would spend time putting everything in its place. I would rearrange the dolls until they were just right. I still remember BEGGING her for the chance to clean it. (and make a few bucks while I was at it). This continued until our teenage years.

Fast forward 20 years, my lifelong friend had a great job and was a shop-a-holic. She had a great eye for clothing, but not for organizing. At the end of each season, she would invite me to her house to “take what she didn’t like anymore”. Month after month, year after year, we longed to have this time together. We spent hours sorting her clothing, deciding what she didn’t want anymore, and remodeling her small NYC apartment. At the end of each visit, we both won! I gained a whole new wardrobe, and she walked away with a well organized and orderly 600 sq ft NYC studio apartment.

Now here I am, a mother of four, and a full time teacher. Systems run my life. Organization is engrained in me. If I don’t have a use for it, if it doesn’t have a purpose, I do not keep it. I am able to be present in my space without material distractors.

This all started as a hobby. My name is Cortney and I am a mom, teacher and lover of helping people declutter.