Who will set the pricing for the sale of my furniture?

NY Declutter Queen (NYDQ) will review comparable listings on Facebook Marketplace and other sources and arrive at a fair market price. We will list all your items on a spreadsheet with the proposed pricing, then review it with you for your approval before listing.

What if the buyer tries to negotiate pricing during a sale?

Inform the buyer that you hired NYDQ to manage all price negotiations

What percentage will I need to split for the sale of my furniture listings?

50% for the client & 50% for NYDQ

What happens if the items do not sell as expected?

We will review the available items on a weekly basis and consider reducing the price for a quicker sale

Who is responsible for moving the items?

The buyer will be responsible for lifting and moving the items they purchase

What if there is damage to my home during the removal of an item?

NY Declutter Queen has liability insurance

How are payments collected for a sale?

We have a few options. The sellers can collect cash, and keep it in an envelope. They buyers can send Venmo or Zelle to reserve and pay for an item.

What if there are items left at the very end of the sale and its time to move?

NYDQ will be happy to arrange a donation pick up at your convenience or list items for free for a quick turnaround

Who will show the customer the items for sale?

To be determined based on availability of the client and their wishes.

Will anyone enter my home while I am not home?

To be determined based on availability of the client and their wishes.

What about the non-furniture items I no longer want?

-NYDQ will be happy to set-up and manage your moving, tag or estate sale on your behalf.
-There is an hourly charge of $70 per hour per worker (weekday rate). Weekend and Holidays are $80 per hour per worker.
-You will keep all proceeds of the garage sale items.
-*Weekend rates apply if we are not selling the furnishings of the home.

I have a friend/family member who may need your service.

Please refer them to check out our FB page or give us a call. https://www.facebook.com/NYdeclutterqueen / (845) 320-5256